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If you want dull and boring don’t read the rest of this section.

There are speakers that you never want to stop talking and there are those who make five minutes seem like an hour; Jo Haigh is the former.

With stories to make you laugh and cry, Jo is so funny and uplifting (and some may say a tad inspiring) that you will be left wanting more information and more of Jo’s story. Her personal journey will keep the audience focused and perhaps even help them reap the rewards of their own lives.

Jo regularly delivers world class and award winning training courses; specifically written for directors and those who are working towards or aspire to work in a director-level post. This experience, and her first-hand encounter of how she made it to the top, means Jo is able to engage with the audience on many levels and leave them with much more knowledge of the business world.

Having held 40+ Non-Executive roles herself and successfully bought and sold over 400 companies, Jo’s knowledge is never ending when it comes to financials and directorships.

Not only has she got the T-shirt, she has bought the shop too!

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