Director and Board Development Courses

Diversity Awareness in the Boardroom – Half day course or one full day

Suitable for businesses wishing to be fully inclusive, maximise diversity opportunities and respectfully follow legal obligations. This session outlines how discrimination can not only adversely affect your company’s reputation, but by harnessing the power of positive processes, can help achieve your business's objectives.

Key areas include:

  • Introduction to the different dimensions of diversity, including self-awareness and unconscious bias
  • How to leverage diversity in a competitive arena
  • Understand prejudicial and perceptive stereotypes and cultural diversity for global success
  • Learn different working styles and what motivates people
  • Understand how to develop individual and group action plans and how to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Role of the Company Director – Half day course or one full day

Suitable for those aspiring to be a director or are currently in this post. This session outlines the role and responsibilities of the director and how to protect the individual and the company from possible liabilities.

Key areas include:

  • How the board functions and board members' roles
  • The Companies Act 2006 and basic statutory and criminal liability
  • Director and Officers liability insurance

Role of the Non-Executive Director – Half day course or one full day

Aimed at experienced directors seeking a first post or someone currently working within this role. Identify how to build on individual experience to improve performance.

Key areas include:

  • Key qualities of a non-executive director
  • Directors duties
  • Outline of the board fitness and performance evaluation

Role of the Company Chair – Half day course or one full day

An interactive case study driving course aims to assist the incumbent to hone an enviable skillset to become a successful Chair and highlights how to develop and effectively monitor the board.

Key areas include:

  • Key role, values and mission of the Chair
  • Board management
  • Strategy management
  • Optimising the relationship between the CEO and the Chair

Role of the Trustee - One full day

This highly practical course provides a thorough insight into the main duties of a company Trustee and the knowledge to effectively and legally manage the role, along with the skills to ensure that the company meets its aims effectively.

Key areas include:

  • Improving board efficiency and strategic decisions
  • Understanding good governance and best board practices
  • Key responsibilities of a Trustee

The Board: A successful and effective team – Half day course

An opportunity to understand the skills required to facilitate an effective board meeting and encourage positivity to achieve constructive results.

Key areas include:

  • Understanding the purpose of the board and the meeting system
  • How to incorporate methods of communication amongst the board
  • Using resources effectively and how to distribute information and display feedback
  • Areas which may be forgotten: discussion leading, agendas and minute taking

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