Crowdfunding is an innovative way of joining up an economy of potential investors and also potential users of your products and services, whilst raising funds to support the next steps of your company’s strategic growth.

Whether you are an established business, or a pre equity start-up, getting funding for growth can be a tiresome and challenging process. We’ve more than thirty years of experience helping businesses achieve their potential through investor growth, but the investment market is changing. Perhaps a traditional private equity model works for you, perhaps it does not?

Perhaps you need to build a group of loyal fans early on in your business to support your growth?

Perhaps you need a community of businesses and individuals who are going to help you grow your business through recommendation?

Perhaps you need a kick start in your awareness strategy?

Or, perhaps you haven’t been able to secure the investment you need through traditional means?

Crowdfunding can offer you all of these benefits and many more.

But, being ready to crowdfund takes no less planning, creativity, or expertise than a traditional fundraise. With more than 600+ crowdfunding sites to navigate; equity, donation, gift, or debt funding, navigating this landscaping to deliver a successful raise requires experience, passion, and skill.

At fds we can support and lead you in your funding journey, helping you hit your target raise, as well as launch a new engaged community to market your product or service too.

We can get you crowdfund ready with:

  • A robust valuation
  • A compelling business and marketing plan
  • Assistance if required in securing a cornerstone investor (essential for success, and access to the platform)
  • A marketing campaign to attract traffic to the crowdfund
  • An electrifying pitch deck to help investors see the best of your business

We partner with some of the largest crowdfunding sites out there, and will make sure we find the platform, and strategy which best suits your needs.If you are interested in finding out how we can help your business, get in touch.

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