Leadership and Personal Development Courses

The Confidence Cloak - half day course

Discover how to increase confidence levels and improve performance in the workplace.

Key areas include:

  • Neutralising negativity
  • Role models and how to implement their behaviour to enhance your personal performance
  • The importance of networking and conversation

Presentation Skills for the Terrified - half day course

This exercise based course is designed to analyse your current presentation skills and to improve them, plus the techniques to ultimately give you confidence to make any presentation you make wow the audience.

This course will cover:

  • Getting the structure of the presentation right
  • Tips for overcoming fear
  • Body language and the how to ensure an effective delivery

Negotiation Skills - one full day course

This interactive course includes activities based on the buying and selling process and is aimed at those who wish to develop a greater understanding of how to negotiate to achieve the best possible outcome.

Key areas include:

  • Negotiation styles and strategies
  • Communication skills
  • Learn how to read the room and how to identify different personalities

Leadership Skills for Directors - one full day

An interactive session which provides an insight to the influence leaders can have within and beyond the organisation. Learn how to constructively analyse an organisation to achieve key strategic objectives and determine how to respond effectively to crisis and change.

Key areas include:

  • Outline of leadership, including common leadership and motivational theories
  • Implementing strategy and recognising individual leadership styles
  • The board's role in crisis and the crisis lifestyle

The Pandora Process - two full days

A two day programme which investigates leadership styles and analyses which style is appropriate in a given situation. Discover how to enhance your personal development and how to effectively communicate and enhance your team.

Key areas include:

  • How to adopt various leadership styles into day to day working life and motivating others
  • Implementing strategy and the power of diversity
  • Interpersonal and team development

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