Shareholder Disputes

Fallouts happen, even with the best of friends and especially with family. Our early intervention can avoid costly and time-consuming trials and preserve the value and profitability of the business.

When business owners fallout, the corporate carnage that ensues can be catastrophic for the company, the staff, other family members and of course the shareholders themselves.

Fallouts occur for all sorts of reasons, sometimes the reason isn’t even a clear one! Whatever it is though, if you ignore it certainly won’t go away.

Dealing with the matter speedily using an impartial third party can help to diffuse the situation. A mediated approach to achieve a resolution is the best way to resolve the issues before you end up with expensive lawyers who are sure to make the situation even more inflamed.

Whether the issues are related to the business's direction or to more immediate concerns, we can help you to reach a resolution by providing independent advice and guidance as to the implications of any given route.

As experienced deal negotiators we have a very successful track record in negotiation and have applied these skills to settlements of shareholder disputes and partnership disputes for many years.

Client Testimonial

Jo’s commercial pragmatism and emotional awareness combined with her team’s extensive corporate finance experience represents a formidable ally in any shareholder dispute. - Partner

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