MOTv Quiz

Getting your business in the best possible shape to sell doesn't just happen overnight, preparation is always the name of the game. You may be fortunate and have received an unsolicited offer for your company, but even if you have, are you sure that the value and deal structure is the best in town?

If you aren't in the comfortable position of being courted and you wish to exit the company for whatever reason and for the best possible deal, in terms of value and terms, then it's best to make sure you are in tip top shape before you go to market.

Failing an MOT is an expensive exercise for the car owner, but it can be catastrophic for the business owner.

Take our test and let's see how you fair, once completed we will send you a report on what is needed to improve your position.

Most business valuations can be cemented further by controlling these three top areas; People, Profits and Assets and Processes.

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