Industry Insights - Manufacturing Sector

13 February 2019 |
by Sarah Chadwick

The manufacturing industry is thriving with the UK currently being the eighth largest industrial nation. The UK contributes £6.7 trillion to the global economy.

  • Exponential growth is expected in the manufacturing industry with the UK predicted to break into the top five largest nations by 2021.
  • Smart Factory Technologies are predicted to improve the efficiency of factories and 88% of respondents agree.
  • The manufacturing industry is currently thriving and continually growing, giving great opportunities for investment into this sector, therefore a great time to consider acquisition or disposal or your manufacturing company. (Source: Annual Manufacturing Report, 2018)

"Selling a company is an incredibly involved and demanding process and on top of running a business I’ve realised that it’s critical that you have expert help and guidance all of the way. Poonam and her team at fds hand held the sales process for BIDBI (Bag It Don’t Bin It) from beginning to end, ensuring that the deal progressed smoothly and leaving me with the freedom to carry on with my work."

- Julia Gash, BIDBI

"When we made the decision to sell our business, we had no idea how to go about it at all. We asked around in professional circles and fds were highly recommended to us. We went to meet them and were immediately put at ease about the sales process; we were delighted with their friendliness and professionalism! Poonam was dealing with our sale and has been superb throughout. Her knowledge and professionalism (and general niceness) has been invaluable. We have needed a lot of hand-holding and encouragement and she has always been only a telephone call away."

- Alan and Sandra Barber, Heatlink

"The real benefit of using fds was to think about the deal structure at the beginning of the process, which allowed us to set a clear vision and work towards it."

- Neill Brodey, Norbar

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