Jo Haigh Shares Insights in New Start-Up Book

7 September 2020 |
by Rachel Gill

Jo Haigh, CEO, Non-Executive Director, and esteemed corporate financier shares over 30 years of business knowledge and insights in her seventh, newly published business book.

‘The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting A New Business: Sharing advice and knowledge from over thirty years in business’ is a guide for budding entrepreneurs who wish to take their idea and passion to the next level. Written during the COVID-19 lockdown, Jo pulled on her vast experiences, shares her journey and advice in a no holds barred basis.

Self-claimed “start-up junkie”, Jo has been involved in thousands of companies throughout her career, and has bought and sold over 400 businesses, for both herself and others – so she would like to think she knows a thing or two in this field!

Starting a business for many is likely to be one of the biggest decisions ever made and whilst many get it right from the start, having a guide at hand and being able to learn from those mistakes is all part of the journey.

Haigh comments: “Coronavirus has caused a seismic change in the whole world, not least for the business community. With daily announcements of yet more redundancies, many individuals will be seeking to take control of their own destiny. It was with this “new world” in mind that I believed this book was going to hit the spot”.

Topics covered throughout the book include how to question if you’re starting a company for the right reason, do you have the entrepreneurial gene, how to conduct business plans and research to branding the company and how to manage cash and employees in the business.

Paperback and Kindle Editions are available to purchase from Amazon.

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