Best-Selling Author Jo Haigh Publishes How to Become a World-Class Non-Executive Director: The Essential Guide

9 July 2019 |
by Rachel Gill

We are proud to announce Jo Haigh has written and published her sixth book How to Become a World-Class Non-Executive Director: The Essential Guide.

After a long and successful career, you will inevitably have many stories, connections and experiences to share and what better place to do this than via a non-executive seat in the boardroom.

Becoming a Non-Executive Director (NED) is something many aspire to fulfil. Enabling the pursuit of a portfolio career and utilising your wealth of experience can be hugely rewarding. However, seeking and accepting a board appointment should be carefully considered, with the risks and rewards taken into account before appointment.

Award-winning and serial NED, Jo Haigh has provided first-hand insights into what the role really entails, highlighting to readers how to behave in, and out of the boardroom, and how to protect yourself in an increasingly litigious environment. Jo also shares the rewards of such a career, as well as hints and tips experienced throughout her 30-year career.

Purchase your paperback copy here. The book will also be available on Kindle edition soon.

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