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Utilising Award Winning Expertise to Refocus the Board


A travel management and solutions company: CT Travel Group

Aim of the Dream Day

The brief was to provide a day where the board refocused as a group of people working together and to home in on some of the challenges the business faced and working out together ways to overcome these.


Jo delivered exactly that and was able to pick up on the points immediately that were salient to us and talk through solutions bringing experience and an outside view to our solutions.

We all left the day feeling we were pulling together as a team and energized about what we were going to do next.


“Jo provided us with a Dream Day and to great effect. Her relaxed, but firm style meant that the day ran smoothly, covered all the business strategic and operational essentials and (most importantly) didn’t drag. The session was effective, efficient and has impacted our business for the better.”

– Mark Kempster, Founder & CEO, CT Travel Group

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