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Managing Expectations and Overcoming Challenges is Part of the Job

Case Study Type

Disposal/Business Sale


An internationally recognised brand leader, designer and producer for the toy and hobby market worldwide.


After an initial offer, at a later stage in the deal process a separate American buyer came to the table with a far superior financial offer. The offer was accepted and the deal process initiated with the new buyer. Unexpectedly, the new American buyer pulled out at the very final stage.


Creative thinking and considerable negotiations resulted in the re-engagement of the initial buyers.


Thanks to our team’s ability to manage the expectations of all parties involved and carefully guide the deal through to completion, and in spite of the many challenges faced, a substantial deal value was achieved.


Realising your years of hard graft to give you and your family the security you have dreamt of is a once in a life time opportunity and needs careful consideration.

We were initially courted by a few of the big boys who promised efficiency and expertise but my instincts decided on the charismatic Jo Haigh from fds. I knew it would be a journey and I felt I could always count on Jo for honest, friendly and great advice over and above. Jo and her dedicated team are passionate people and my instincts were right as the journey experienced all sorts of emotions and Jo and the team were always there for us.... guiding, supporting, encouraging and finally realising the dream. - Client

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