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A leading UK content marketing business; Sticky Content Ltd


PA Group, the parent company of the Press Association.


Sticky Content Chairman Catherine was introduced to CEO Jo Haigh when seeking a NED for her business. During Jo’s time with Sticky Content, the company went from strength to strength and after several years, Sticky was in the position to dominate in a rapidly growing market.

As with many small businesses, success can often come at a price and it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to approach us with a business that has grown beyond their own capabilities.


We applied a proactive approach to the market and soon received several offers for the business. A deal was achieved that satisfied both Catherine’s needs, who would remain with the business, and those of the Press Association.


The Press Association is the perfect partner for Sticky Content, as the demand for effective, high-quality content soars. Now we can deliver pretty much any kind of content there is.

We have in common editorial rigour; a shared passion for what digital content can achieve; and a reputation for delivering targeted, intelligent content services. Together we will focus on supporting our clients’ content strategies and demonstrating the measurable return on investment of their content spend.” – Catherine Toole, Sticky Content’s former chief Executive and new chairman

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