Poonam Kaur Recognised in Global Woman Leader's Top 10 Indian Women Leaders from UK 2023

15 November 2023 |
by Rachel Gill

Poonam Kaur has been featured in Global Woman Leader Magazine’s first annual edition of its segment “Top 10 Indian Women Leaders from UK 2023”.

The business magazine celebrates and recognises business leaders and other decision-makers globally with the aim of inspiring other executives to achieve their professional goals. They serve as a platform for business leaders to share their industry insights with their 65,560 print and 1,55,172 digital-qualified subscribers.

The “Top 10 Indian Women Leaders from UK 2023” edition celebrates the foremost Indian women leaders from the UK who have made significant contributions to the industry by instigating innovative, impressive and ambitious benchmarks.

Thanks to her professional accomplishments, Poonam has been selected to feature in a two-page spread that provides a detailed outlook on her journey to success. She shares how her personal and professional experiences have shaped her to become the person she is today and how she has overcome challenges in order to drive growth within her company. Her message focuses on resonating with other businesswomen within male-dominated industries to encourage them to remain resilient and keep their dreams big.

To read Poonam's interview with the Global Woman Leader team, click here.

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