International Women's Day 2018

8 March 2018 |
by Rachel Gill

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2018 (8th March) we would like to offer 20% off all of our business products and best-selling books.

We are passionate about encouraging more women into senior level roles and Board positions within UK companies.

The Institute of Directors reported that 29% of new recruits to UK Boards in 2016 were women – down from 32% in 2014 despite the fact that “greater diversity on boards leads to stronger, more balanced business decisions” – Sir John Parker (2016).

Our award-winning CEO Jo Haigh currently holds 10 Non-Executive Chair and Director positions and is all too familiar with the lack of diversity in Boardrooms. Therefore if you are striving to become a non-executive director or chair, or even achieve a place at the board table you may benefit from reading her books, such as The Keys to the Boardroom or Tales from the Glass Ceiling, which you can find at our online shop.

As a last point, if you are fortunate to achieve such a position, ensure you have the relevant contracts in place to protect yourself and your new position, samples are available on our website.

To receive 20% off all items at our online shop use discount code IWD2018 (strictly for women, sorry guys!) at

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