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6 June 2017 |
by Gemma Dickinson

As a new member of the fds team, I had an understanding of what Jo does and what training services fds has to offer. However, until recently I had to rely on other people’s opinions and course feedback forms to gage what a course with Jo is like. I had a fantastic opportunity to observe Jo in action and I quickly realised why Jo is booked up until 2018!

Jo initialised a personalised approach to teaching her new group from the start by asking each delegate to introduce themselves and to give an outline of what they want to gain from attending the course. This seems like an obvious task to complete; however, this was also helping Jo to ensure the information throughout the day is tailored to the attendees by focusing on areas which are of interest to them.

Jo’s teaching style is relaxed and informative without being too much like being back at school but also fun and interactive, particularly on what could be a monotonous subject field (Buying and Selling a Business).

This was far from a typical scenario of the speaker standing at the front talking at the group, flicking from one slide to another and frantic notes being made. There were constant group discussions on every section of the course, promoting team work and encouraging delegates to learn from one another, whilst also ensuring content was understood. With plenty of detailed materials to take away, delegates were equipped with enough information to refer to afterward.

There were plenty of industry examples from a variety of sectors which helped to easily illustrate key points within the course and ensured the information appealed to any business. Her stories were funny and endearing, displaying a down to earth approach whilst also portraying knowledge and first-hand experience.

By using plenty of teamwork activities, this ensured delegates remained engaged and focused. This helped to make a difficult subject easy to follow and understand. I recently came across a quote from Benjamin Franklin which illustrates the importance of interaction perfectly, "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." This highlights how team building activities and exchanging personal opinions are paramount when learning new subjects - this is something which evidently takes a main focus in Jo’s teaching method.

Jo was approachable and supportive and always offered assistance where needed. Delegates were encouraged to shout out questions they had as the course went along, instead of this being left to the end of the day when there may be limited time to elaborate or the question has been forgotten.

Jo highlighted that people are one of the most important assets to any business and Jo demonstrates this throughout her practice. This is not only applicable to her team, but also visible though how she teaches. She has a great level of experience in commercial business and uses this as a learning tool by providing recommendations that the delegates can relate to.

Having now attended one of Jo’s training courses, this has really helped me to have a better understanding of why Jo’s courses are so popular and why those who have attended one of her courses are full of praise and enthusiasm.

I defiantly had an enjoyable day attending the course and judging from the feedback received, all attendees did too!

We have received a variety of comments from Jo’s courses over the past year which certainly demonstrates why Jo’s courses are so popular:

Role of the Company Director course:

“An enlightening course, taught superbly and has increased my knowledge in this crucial area immensely”

“Pointed, polished, relevant and current. Jo also made the course hugely engaging and entertaining”

“Excellent course leader knowledge and experience. Delivered at pace. Great!”

“A fantastic two days, incredible amount of knowledge held by course leader who used lots of stories and examples to support learning”

Role of the Non-Executive Director course:

“Very helpful and useful. Excellent material put over is an entertaining and knowledgeable manner”

“Jo did a great job - very enthusiastic and knowledgeable - a great example of how an NED should be”

“Excellent presenter with good practical examples, real pleasure to listen to her”

Delivering Board Performance course:

“Jo was absolutely excellent. Great knowledge and experience and great delivery”

“This course is fantastic well worth the time. Great tutor”

“A thoroughly great course. Sad it’s all over but lots of very relevant ideas being taken back with for future”

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