Ever Wondered How to Be Truly Happy at Work, If You Chose the Right Career Path and How You Could Possibly Earn More Money?

30 March 2017 |
by Sarah Chadwick

“Somewhat rightly, most people equate money with security. Having enough money to live on and to pursue and achieve our goals is a goal of just about everybody”- Kathleen Elkins.

Absolutely right! I know for one I want to make sure I have enough money and that my future will be secure. Who doesn’t. Interestingly, it is actually possible to learn what motivates you, what your true aspirations are and how to achieve them, by completing a staff profiling exercise.

These personality types aren’t like horoscopes- where a so called qualified psychic evaluates your life month by month according to the position of the moon. This profiling exercise really does reveal your working personality and the reasons behind why you act the way you do. There are two steps in the process, a Myers Briggs based exercise and a Career Drivers exercise.

The Myers Briggs exercise classifies each person into one of 16 personality types based on four sets of binary characteristics including; introvert/extrovert, intuitive/sensory, feeling/thinking and judging/perceiving. The outcome is a four-trait combination using one trait from each of the binary characteristics, showing us how we think and in turn how we perceive the world and our role within it.

Let me begin by giving you an insight into my life and showing you how this works. Now, I like to believe I’m a warm hearted, conscientious person who loves to be around other people. My Myers Briggs, personality type likes to thinks the same, that’s why I’m an ESFJ or in other terms a Consul.

A report conducted by Truity Psychometrics, revealed that ESTJ and ENTJ personalities have the highest incomes. These personality types are based on thinking traits which makes sense as the opposite trait is feeling and therefore those individuals are more likely to choose a career consistent with their personal values, despite the income. The report revealed that Extraverts earn more than Introverts, Sensors more than Intuitives, Thinkers more than Feelers and Judgers earn more than Perceivers.

The second part of the exercise was the career drivers, now this really did give me a hit of realisation! My results show that I’m a materialistic kinda girl, seeking some kind of status and hoping for a solid predictable future. This sums me up in one.

I now have the knowledge of what truly motivates me and what my true personality traits are. I’m completely blown away by its accuracy. Much to my surprise as a somewhat cynic, the personality profiling exercises really are something worth investing in. It really does tell you if your trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, or so to speak.

Now, let’s focus our attentions on you. Do you look at your team and think there are too many commanders in in the office who are focusing all their energy on their own power trip? Ever felt like you could do with the devil’s advocate to call them out on their ruthless commands, someone who wants to debate and resolve those difficult decisions? After all variety is the spice of life.

Hopefully you feel inspired to learn more about yourself and your team members, so don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, check out fds’s staff profiling service here. Together, we can identify and re-shape the pieces of your team ‘jigsaw’ to ensure the perfect company picture. Feeling inquisitive? That’s the first step, I think it might be time for you to invest in a bout of realisation, because after all a picture paints a thousand words.

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