Aspirations for the Year Ahead

10 January 2017 |
by Rachel Gill

It’s the New Year (the second week of January can you believe?) and you’re probably settling well back into your old work routine.

Did you set yourself the obligatory new year’s resolution? Get fit, cut out the sugar, make more time for family? It may have been more of a business new year’s resolution that had you thinking over the festive period, thinking about those business aspirations you have been pushing to one side for the past 12 months.

Over the years at fds we have had many types of business elite seek our services to progress their business developments and strategic growth, after all we do have the knowledge and expertise to offer great support in this area, but it may be more of a personal progression or development you are thinking about – which again is something we believe is extremely important.

We understand in some cases some types of business progression can seem far-fetched, but you need to stop doubting yourself, and push your boundaries! After all, if you never try, you will never know.

“It's Lack of Faith That Makes People Afraid of Meeting Challenges, And I Believed in Myself.” - Muhammad Ali

We have listed below some of the most popular business aspirations we encounter on a daily basis, from those who dare to push themselves, and their businesses:

  • 1. Business Acquisition:

You may be at the stage where you feel the next natural step is to grow your company, and that may be through acquisition of another company, possibly a competitor or a company who would provide complimentary services/products to your own; you may even have a company or two in mind who you wish to approach.

Although this may seem like a straight forward process, we know how important it is to ensure the correct checks, valuations and due diligence are completed; after all you wouldn’t want to be paying over the odds! Visit our acquisition page for more information, or check out the companies we currently have for sale here.

  • 2. Director-Level Training:

Professional development is extremely important, especially if you have just been promoted or appointed to a new role, and feel you need to be brought up to speed.

We provide specialist tailored training courses to directors from some of the best companies in the country, ranging from Finance for Non-Financials to Role of the Company Director and even Buying and Selling a Business. If you feel yourself or your team would benefit from a specialist training course, click here for more information.

  • 3. Long-Term Incentive Plans:

Did you have a great end to 2016 and couldn’t have done it without your management team? A great way to keep your key staff tied in to the business is to implement Long-Term Incentive Plans (LTIPs).

LTIPs are relatively quick and easy to set up and, most importantly, totally flexible and extremely cost effective. They reward your key members, giving them an incentive to reach the business’s goals with the return of receiving one themselves, and what’s more appealing is that this scheme is fabulous in that you don’t have to worry about HMRC approval or complex shareholder agreements. For more information on whether an LTIP is the right scheme for you download our guide here or visit our webpage.

  • 4. Developing Your Role:

Do you feel like it’s time for change? Is it time to free yourself from the trivial tasks that running your own company can bring? Do you feel you have an abundance of knowledge and experience which you could offer as a board member?

It may feel like a big leap into the unknown, but with the help from Jo Haigh’s bestselling books Tales from the Glass Ceiling and The Keys to the Boardroom which showcase her eye opening first hand experiences, you will be fully prepared for the role. As a previous winner of The Sunday Times NED of the Year, who better to help you understand how to navigate your way to the boardroom.

“If you really want to get to grips with what being a director means in the 21st century this is a must-read for those in post and those aspiring to such heights.” – Lord Smith of Kelvin

You can purchase Jo Haigh’s bestselling business books here.

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