A Year-End Review: Surprises, Achievements & Aspirations

20 December 2016 |
by Kate Blazynska

As we near the end of 2016, we look back to evaluate the whole year. It seems that this year has gone in a flash and it has definitely been a rollercoaster of a journey this year. With Brexit vote and Trump being elected as President, it seems that nothing could surprise us anymore. But who knows what 2017 holds?

Although we all look forward to the Christmas break, this time of the year is perfect to reflect on the past year and make plans for the future.

What are three things you are proud of? Has your business performed as well as you wish it had? Have you achieved everything you planned?

We have done our little summary as well, the three things we are proud of are:

  • Winning 2016 AI Awards M&A Awards - Most Innovative UK Deal Negotiator & AI One to Watch in Corporate Finance – we are especially proud of this award as we are putting our hearts in what we do!
  • Launch of our new website – a lot of hard work went into the design and build of the website, and of course we have to thank our website creators, Statement!
  • New products we developed to support business leaders on their journey; such as the Director Board Pack and the Induction for Directors Pack (www.wearefds.com/shop)

What are three things you would like to achieve in 2017? Perhaps you would like to improve staff retention, by implementing a long-term incentive plan, consider some professional development with specialist director-level training courses or even consider selling your business? These are only a few questions that entrepreneurs ask themselves at this time of the year.

No matter what your plans for 2017 are, we hope this New Year allows you to achieve them all and brings you only success and joy!

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