Non-Executive Director CV and Profile Creation

A good quality, world class CV/profile will enable you to push the door to the boardroom open, whilst others are standing in the cold corridor looking in with envy.

If your plan is to move into the boardroom as a Non-Executive Director (NED), we would presume that you have considered updating your CV, although the truth is most senior personnel do not maintain an up to date profile.

The fact is, even if you are the exception and have kept your CV in pristine condition in anticipation of an executive job opportunity, the CV you produce for a full-time executive director role is usually not going to be appropriate for the NED market.

This may be your first foray into the NED arena and as such, you need to present your credentials in such a way as to convince the rest of the board to allow you to take these first important steps in their business.

It could also be that this update on your profile is required even though you are in fact a serial NED, but you want to keep ahead of the rest and be proactive in your market approach.

At fds we have held, and currently hold, numerous NED positions. We know what boards want to see in a CV and what is not relevant. We can take your data and extract what is needed, emphasize the positives and present your final profile in such a way that you will stand out from the also-rans.

If you wish to find out more about this, please get in touch with Katy via the form. After receiving the relevant information we will then prepare your new and impressive profile ready for you to WOW the boards you are reaching out to.

"Senior Executives often struggle to create concise, on point, dynamic CVs that make them stand out from the crowd. With this CV building service fds Director Services have developed something new; an innovative and eye catching way for Non-Exec Directors to profile themselves and work towards securing their positions of choice"

- Katie Rosser, Executive Search Consultant

"Having been in recruitment for over 35 years I have seen thousands of CV’s from all walks of life – some great, some good and some just really not worth the paper they are written on! It is therefore absolutely refreshing to see a CV which is totally different as can be seen from the fds model. This model CV sets out quite clearly the attributes of the Non-Exec candidate in all the relevant areas of skill and expertise, along with other information which is invaluable to a prospective employer and which is not always shown on a standard NED CV. I would highly recommend the fds model."

- Anne Lockwood, Managing Partner First Choice Recruitment

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