Poonam Kaur Shortlisted for 3 Northern Leadership Awards

30 January 2023 |
by Rachel Gill

Poonam Kaur has been nominated for a total of three 2023 Northern Leadership Awards.

Poonam has been shortlisted for the Leeds City Region Leader AwardThis award recognises the individual who has made a difference in their city region due to the impact of their business- whether that’s through its normal operations or because of how it responded to the crisis.

Poonam Kaur has been shortlisted for the Diversity & Inclusion Leader AwardThis category recognises those who have championed diversity and inclusion, whether inside their organisation or as part of an outside group or initiative, and worked to improve the opportunities for any under-represented group.

And Poonam Kaur has been shortlisted for the Professional Services Leader AwardThis award recognises the individual who is showing strong leadership and having an impact in their firm or further afield.

The Northern Leadership Awards was created to celebrate the people that are role models within their organisations and raise the bar for their competitors. The winners will show the qualities of extraordinary leadership and be able to demonstrate the positive impact this has had.

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