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Realigning Company Objectives to Help Reach Full Potential


A business continuity and information security company: Jermyn Consulting

Aim of the Dream Day

To provide a day which allowed the attendees to examine how the board and company should be realigned to deliver the companies objectives and so to reach its full potential. It was also to understand where the competitive position in the company could be maximised.


Jo facilitated a session that allowed us to examine our true potential and build differentiators in our company. She ensured our board was working at its most effective allowing us to discuss and solve the ongoing issues within the company as Jermyn expanded into new markets.

We left the day with a clear vision of how to move forward thanks to the advice Jo gave us after a thorough examination of our company.


“Jo did not shy away from providing us with the honest and necessary truth. Her approach meant that we had a clear understanding of what we needed to do next and how to make the company as profitable and productive as possible. We were undergoing a significant change as we began developing our products and services.

By working with Jo, we are making sure that our business is in the best shape it can be to make these strategic moves. We cannot thank her enough for the hard work she put in to help us take the leap to the next level of business.”

– George Hall, Jermyn Consultancy

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