Business Dreams and Aspirations - Let’s Reimagine the Future

3 February 2021 |
by Jo Haigh

It goes without saying many businesses have faced uncertainty and challenges like no other in the past year, but for businesses to grow and succeed we need to refocus and if required, accept that strategies and goals may need to adapt.

As the lights go back on all over the world and a sense of normality seems on the horizon, it is perhaps time "to sleep, perchance to dream", as Shakespeare said in Hamlet. By this I mean maybe it’s the right time to allow our frazzled brains and minds to reflect and revisit some of our previous business dreams (or aspirations) and to invent some new ones.

Personally, I have some of my best ideas when I am on holiday, when my mind has space and time to go wandering. Partly this is due to the semi-freedom release from the day-to-day duties of running a business, but it’s also from just having some ‘air time' with family, to dream the impossible, only to realise actually, anything is possible.

2020 saw holidays, and in some ways, life paused for many of us which included any much-needed headspace. But, what if we can help you create that headspace, the room for thought, and challenging questions all without leaving your boardroom? What if we can take you to explore unknown destinations and probe possibilities, to ascertain if the impossible, is indeed possible?

Well, we can, and have done this numerous times; extremely successfully.

On the back of our process, we have taken the boards we work with to the end of the galaxy, only for them to discover there is no end but only another bridge to a further and even more exciting universe.

Our process takes the senior leadership team through a journey of discovery, where anything and everything is explored. Once all routes have been debated, the process of elimination and acceptance is then processed and “what if" routes analysed, until an exciting plan starts to form. However, identified routes are nothing without clear markers to keep the delivery team focused and ensure accountability. As part of the journey map, we will help you identify these critical points.

2020 taught us all many life lessons, especially expect the unexpected, plan for the worst and hope for the best; or in military parlance, plan for war and hope for peace.

Our dream days will also help you to identify and manage risks attached to the new vision. We also remind you that risk isn’t always a negative, especially if you are ahead of the curve. What others see as hazardous, could be very fruitful if embraced in the right way, it’s just about understanding the risk appetite and tolerance you have set.

So at the end of this exciting day what you will have is not only a clear destination but a route to that marker, some visible vantage points and a better understanding of how to fully exploit your true business potential. But that not all, as part of this process we can also offer a follow-up session six months after these business-changing decisions have been made, we will regroup and facilitate a further workshop.

This has several advantages, firstly, it makes everyone who signed up to this grand dream, accountable for their part in its delivery. Secondly, it allows for agreed changes, if needed to be discussed and remodelled. And last, but not least, allows for a recommitment to the new exciting future we are building.

Click here to learn more about Dream Days or contact a member of the team to discuss this further.

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