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15 January 2021 |
by Rachel Gill

If we thought that Brexit was going to make business more challenging, the COVID-19 pandemic has left even the most robust of us in some sort of stupor. The good news is there is light appearing, and it is not just the Chancellor with a torch, the rolling out of the vaccine will bring hope to the practically war-torn, and worse, economy.

Now is the time when you cannot afford to have anything less than a world-class board of directors, who can make decisions - some of which may be the hardest they will ever have to make. Boards need to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge to give the members the confidence they are doing the right thing.

It is essential that directors understand their roles and responsibilities, whether that is as directors, managers, or shareholders. This is something constantly found to be confusing across organisations.

Often everyday matters such as what should, and more importantly, should not happen in a board meeting are mistaken. Many companies confuse a management meeting with a board meeting, which should be avoided at all costs, as this will not be effective.

Directors should be able to talk finance, regardless of their background, and know instinctively what is right and what needs action. To be frank, a director should not hold a seat at the board table if they cannot read a set of accounts.

This pandemic has given so much credence to the importance of Stakeholder communication and to ensure succession planning has been clearly outlined and understood across the company.

Companies need to be confident that the board is future proof, especially in an uncertain future - "hope for the best and plan for the worst". It has never been more vital that the Board and senior management team know what great looks like and aspire to achieve it.

Our Business Masterclass Series has been created with this new world in mind.

The workshops included in the series are:

  1. An Insight Into The World of a Non-Executive Director
  2. How to Build a Board of World-Class Directors
  3. Understanding Finance for Non-Financial Directors
  4. A Director's Guide to Being the Best in The Business

Please click here for further information on what the workshops will cover and the dates. Please note, the workshops listed above will be held online.

These are a series of open workshops that allow for flexible attendance. Alternatively, we can build a unique programme, specifically for your team if preferred - please contact Gemma at to discuss this further. 2021 may not have started in the best way, but the only way is up!

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